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Janeiro 2019

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Mapa:Firing Range

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Mapa:Firing Range

Mensagem por 100Nome em Ter Nov 30, 2010 8:54 pm

Firing Range :Military practice facility. Hectic Domination games.


Overview :

Firing range mostly favors close range to medium range combat with Submachine guns, Assault Rifles, and Light Machine Guns being the best to use. There are two main buildings either team will look to control with a small tower in the middle of the map. The thin-wooden house is hotly contested among either teams while the tower makes a great camping spot. The two teams spawn dangerously close to each other with a well placed grenade able to sneak a kill. Claymores are highly recommended here for a defensive player as they will be constantly rushed by the other team if found. It is not recommended to rush the other team as automatic fire will result in quick death. Snipers are very uncommon here for obvious reasons. Flak Jacket is recommended during domination games because of the open and close quarters nature of this map lends itself to a lot of explosions and chaotic domination and demolition games.

* Use the wooden tower in the middle of the map. It provides an excellent sight-line to both team's spawns and it is crucial in objective based game modes, and it can be easily defended. Players must remember that it is made of wood, and thus bullets penetrate very easily allowing easy revenge kills.

* Do not run in the middle of the map, the other team will almost always be waiting for you and it will result in quick death.

* It is recommended to go around the area with the moving targets as most teams will expect the players to come behind them from the jungles.

* When playing Domination it is easy to get spawn trapped at Point C because the spawning is very controlled and due to few routes to flank, you must either run out into the open or go through a small tunnel risking the chance of an opponent getting multi-kills.


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