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Mensagem por 100Nome em Ter Nov 30, 2010 9:28 pm

Radiation :Uranium processing plant. Excellent objective gameplay


Overview :

It is set in an abandoned uranium processing Facility. The map features a conveyor belt which leads to a fiery death. The map also features a set of steel blast doors which can only be opened by a control panel some distance away. There are two panels in the map, and are critical when you are playing domination, as the B flag is located under the blast doors. Also, the bunker containing B flag has tunnels that lead directly to the A and C flags, so keep an eye on those. In addition to being critical for domination, the blast doors are also critical when playing Demolition (and Search and Destroy), especially when you are on defense. The A bomb site is located right below the doors, and player needs to close them to have a shot at winning.

There are two switches across from each other: one on a small walkway in between two giant tanks, the other in a control room in the factory with the explosive tanks. These control the giant doors in the middle of the map. One switch opens the doors, the other closes them. These have the potential to be used to great effect during games with objectives located in the underground tunnel, as it leaves only three ways that can be used to enter, all of which can be easily defended.


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